KMC Recommendations

After the comprehensive energy audit, a KMC Green Team member will re-visit your home with a comprehensive evaluation and recommendation list. KMC will provide an itemized list of the weatherization options and we will help guide you to the good, better, and best solutions while helping to analyze the best values and possible returns on your investment. Our experienced staff and management team can oversee the weatherization and perform important follow-up tests to ensure the work is being performed properly and avoid any potential problems associated with improper techniques

Weatherizing Your Home

When it comes to weatherization, most people don’t know where to turn. If you are cold in the winter, you might be tempted to call an insulation company, window company or an HVAC company. But, these companies only specialize in their particular industries. They will simply sell you more insulation, new windows or a new HVAC unit. Most of the time, this will not solve your problem, because it does not address the entire problem or can be a more expensive solution than is required. The KMC audit will look at all of the different solutions then prioritize the solutions to get the best value for your money and get the most return on your investment.

One of the most important weatherization options is air sealing. In every house there are always many leaks into the attic, around fireplaces, windows and doors, etc. One of the biggest mistakes is to call an insulation company, which may add more insulation into an attic that has air leaks. It is important to stop these leaks before adding insulation because the insulation may hide them and make them less accessible. Insulation itself will not stop air leaks, and will not save as much energy and money.

The Green Team vs. Insulation Contractors

KMC Green Team has the proper training and the diagnostic equipment to find these air leaks and seal them up properly. There are certain safety precautions that should always be followed, including certain materials that must be avoided. Our BPI-certified weatherization team follows BPI protocol to “test in and test out”. After performing air sealing, the home will be re-tested to make sure that the work was performed properly and helps create a more energy-efficient and healthy home. We pledge to leave every home in better condition than when we arrived.