Home Performance Contracting

Kelly McArdle Construction Green Team uses the house as a system concept in analyzing your home and troubleshooting problems.  Uncomfortable rooms, drafts, high energy bills, moisture, mildew, mold, poor indoor air quality, rotting building materials can all be a result of the different systems in your home not interacting properly.  If one system in your home has a problem it is likely it can cause trouble in another system of your home.  For decades the majority of these problems have been mysteries that have never been conquered.  In some instances, the “solution” actually made the problem worse or created more problems.  Now with the house as a system concept, the KMC Green Team can properly diagnose the cause of your problem and make the proper repair. No more calling contractor after contractor throwing money at problems that never go away. 

If you have any of the above issues, KMC Green Team can come out and perform a comprehensive whole house assessment to find the actual problems in your home and then prescribe and help prioritize the improvements to implement.  This assessment may be as simple as a visual inspection or may involve some diagnostic equipment such as blower doors or infrared cameras. 

In the past, homeowners did not have much of a choice if they had an uncomfortable room.  They would call an insulation contractor who would sell them more insulation.  They would call an HVAC contractor to sell them a new HVAC unit.  These type problems are typically caused by air leaks that can be solved by air sealing and duct sealing.  These are low cost high return items that not only will solve your uncomfortable room issue, but will also make your home healthier and more efficient at the same time. 

Call the KMC Green Team now to solve your problem or to perform a whole house assessment.