Crawl Space Moisture Remediation

It is common to find wet crawl spaces, dripping insulation, mold, musty smells, condensation on building components in traditionally vented crawlspaces in our region of theUS.  These conditions can also lead to high humidity indoors, musty odors, buckled hardwoods, rotted floor joists and girders and mold damage in the home above.  These have traditionally been extremely expensive repairs removing the mold, etc only to have it return years later since the original problem was never addressed.  Other companies use scare tactics to sell expensive crawl space systems.

With the KMC Green Team house as a system concept, we address the source of these problems first to be sure they will not come back.  It is often very easy to control the moisture in the crawl space and does not always require an expensive system.  Kelly McArdle can design a remediation package to fit any budget and will solve and monitor the problem with proven building science.